Mirror regular side and 5times stronger uses 4 AAA batteries and they are new
Brand new in box, black or red, incredible foot massage with rollers introductory price, prices will go up great gift idea for anyone comes with remote. Will ship anywhere for $12 or pick up in South DeLand.
Sensual amber Lotion is the only one used. About 1/4 gone. Shower gel and fragrance mist never used.
The botanicals/herbs in Prostana have a long history of use in various cultures. They were/are used most commonly to improve urinary tract symptoms caused by prostate hypertrophy/hyperplasia. That is, the prostate tends to enlarge as men age, which can lead to urinary tract symptoms. 1 capsule taken twice per day provides all the botanicals that have been linked to prostate health. Price: $...
Various MediFast packets for sale, call for details. Tried the system, broke down, couldn't follow through. tim613@gmail.com for details.